The Cascadian Republic
Flag of the Cascadian Republic
Notable Legislation
  • First Amendment

The first amendment to the Cascadian Constitution was approved by the Cascadian Senate on April 21, 2008. The first amendment established formally the Provisional Government, and its limits, powers, and duties. This is to prevent a small legislature to vote on declarations of war, MADP blocs, treaty cancellations, etc. until either the Central Executive Committee nulls it or at the end of the first elections. This is the only time that veto rights over the Senate was given by the Cascadian Constitution.

Article V: I Amendment: Provisional GovernmentEdit

The Provisional Government of the Cascadian Republic will include all branches of government with altered abilities and powers in order to keep the Republic stable and out of risky situations in it beginning weeks and before its first elections. The Provisional Government will be chaired by the President whom will act as head of government during this time. The President is to appoint the Secretariat and to make the needed changes to the Central Executive Committee. The President will also maintain veto power over the Cascadian Senate, but may be overridden by the other two members of the Central Executive Committee, the Premier and Senatorial General Secretary.

The Premier will act as head of state, and chief statesman. The Premier, as well as the General Secretary will act as advisers to the President and will note needed changes or administrative duties in the Republic.

The duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat and General Secretary will not be changed during this time. Although, for the sake of security reasons the Secretariat will not hold moderation powers on the forums.

These powers and this amendment will be canceled either when the Central Executive Committee is to vote to cancel this amendment or forcibly at the end of the first elections for the Cascadian Republic.

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