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Established 1/23/2011
(3,359 days old)
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Since 12/12/2011 (3,036 days)
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The nation of Rosieland was established on Sunday, May 4, 2008 by FiremanDave. Dave had previously been a part of Cyber Nations as a member of the NAAC. He recalled the economic and military power of the NPO, and so decided to join them.

New Pacific OrderEdit

FiremanDave has been a member of several different departments in Pacifica - from the tech corp to the now defunct SCS, however is main talent is in graphics. FiremanDave joined Graphics as the base member - an Artifex Pacificae. His work was noticed however, and he was subsequently promoted to the rank of Graphics Officer before being promoted one step further to Graphics Editor, a rank equal to Frodark and just below the Coordinator. FiremanDave was recently promoted to the Coordinator position, taking on further responsibility within Media, and now a step below the Imperial Officer in charge of the Media Corps. Pointedly, Dave's favourite department is thus media - the people he finds are great, and it's a chance for him to increase his graphical skills.

FiremanDave's biggest influence is Frodark, his coworker in Media Corps. Frodark has always listened and provided advice when needed. George Bronx to has given lots of points. Two other influences on FiremanDave include Mary the Fantabulous and Z'ha'dum who have assisted him greatly.

On the military side of things, Dave previously ran Extirpation Squad.

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