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Fiercesob of deathvill most notable alliance. =Western Empire= Co leader

Alliance historyEdit

After the Holy Order of Darkness merged into Sparta and fiercesob left the game he would return back as prince night for a short period of time joining with Bel Air but would go inactive again. He then came back as Augustus and be part of \m/ till he descied to come back to the game with his original name and would join forces with Red Rum and take up a government role. He lead Red Rum for a few months before coming very ill and having to take a break from the game. Returning back to see the alliance abandoned by its temp leader, fierce disbanded Red Rum to let its nations prosper in other alliances. He would join NATO for a couple of months before leaving to journey on over to join forces with Nuclear Proliferation League where he would become active and take an active roll in for awhile before becoming inactive again. His nation would be deleted and he left the game for a few months. He has once again returned to the game where he joined up with Non Grata.

Current Alliance: Non Grata --- Current Position: Member

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