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Founded5 September 2007
IdeologyGreen Politics, Liberalism.
Fiscal positionCentre
Social positionCentre-Left

The Greens (Atyan: Fiditooluzuun, F) is the largest political party in Atya. It is the leading party in the current goverment.

In Elshirbgoxen[]

Currently, F controls 42 out of 108 seats in Elshirbgoxen Atya. This does not reach the 65% Majority to form Government, so they have formed a coalition with SHipodom Fiigek and Luhashipreen Atyan Zomdaf. This brought the power of the party to 75%, allowing them to enter power after the first and second elections.


It's current leader is anto475, ZE from Mee, who is also the founder.


Their core beliefs are to save the environment and keep Atya's environment clean and fresh. They are also strongly committed to making things better for Atya's people