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This alliance merged to become part of Fellowship of the Wolves.

Merger occurred on/around November 5th, 2014
Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
The one and only flag of FEAR.

The one and only flag of FEAR.
Team Color White team.gif White
Founded 27 February 2007


  • Big Ego


  • Moon55


White Senate Turetel

link= alliance Statistics as of March 23, 2014

Total Nations 40
No 30-day net change
Avg. Strength 77,977
Nukes 733
Aid Efficiency 39.04%
Rank 46)
Score 9.79
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Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics is a friendly mid-sized white team alliance. FEAR offer their members protection, aid, strategies for success, and a friendly atmosphere for hanging out. FEAR is currently recruiting new members, and is seeking people who wish to be an active part of a fun and stable alliance community.

Down below, you will see FEAR's charter. It is the document that sets the supreme law in FEAR. If you look even farther down, you will see FEAR's history. To the right, you will see current FEAR information, this includes current government and treaties. It also contains some very useful links, such as the one to our forums.


Main article: Charter of the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

The FEAR Charter is the document drafted and ratified by FEAR that states how it will run, what powers government has and it establishes sovereignty for the alliance.


Main article: History of the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

FEAR played a leadership role in the now-defunct SNOW economic bloc for the white team. FEAR was a part of the Common Defense Treaty bloc which basically divided after FEAR's departure into the BFF and Sentinel blocs. FEAR was also a major player in the now-defunct Iron Curtain military bloc with NATO, Hydra and NSO.

FEAR merged into the Blood For Friends Alliance on 11 August 2012 but left on 15 January 2013.

Foreign relations[]

FEAR has historically had very close ties with Wolfpack, NEW, The Order of Righteous Nations and Europa. Consequently, all of those members were in the chaining MADP bloc, Blood For Friends, until it merged. After breaking out of Blood For Friends Alliance and reformed, FEAR signed MDoAPs with The Order of Righteous Nations and thenWolfpack. After first few months of reform FEAR signed with NEW again.

Past blocs[]

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