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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of January 10, 2010. More information is available here.
Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange
FACE Official Flag

FACE Official Flag
FACE Motto: Virtus et sapientia - Virtue and Wisdom
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) VIdiot the Great
Founded 01 November, 2008


Minister of War

  • Draco Alivi

Minister of Interior Affairs

  • SirDelirium
International relations
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The Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange is one of the oldest alliances in the Cyberverse, originally founded in 527.

Creation and Early History

The original FACE was created in an area known as 'The Crossroads' by the heads of three 'houses' that de facto acted as alliance heads for the territories under their control. Originally, FACE was founded to expedite trade and commerce among the constituent nations. The populations of these territories was varied, having come from several different neighboring areas. More specifically, the House of Shi'ang ruled a territory on the Eastern portion of the Crossroads (shown below) and was heavily Arabic, Asian and Indian in nature. The Consulate of Solaris, which ruled the northern section of The Crossroads, had European, Scandinavian influences. The Hejaz ruled the area along the Western area, having influences from Arabia and Africa.

Travelers from all over the world would find their way to the Crossroads, and it soon developed into an area of commerce between different cultures and was known for its variety in goods.

War History[]

War Combatants Outcome
FS-FACEoff FACE and TOP vs. Freak Safari FACE victory

The members of FACE, alongside their protectors in The Order of the Paradox ofught a bloody war with FreakSafari in the FS-FACEoff. On March 19, 2009, FACE was surprised to one day find an enemy knocking at their door and firing nukes without a Causus-Belli. Both FACE and TOP declared war and have since brought down FreakSafari and delivered justice.

Charter of the Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange[]


The member nations of the Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange (FACE) recognize the unique character of the portion of the world we inhabit. Specifically, the area we recognize as ‘The Crossroads.’ An area rich in history, religion, political structures and diverse citizenship from many areas of the World. The Crossroads being an area where cultures, ideas, religions, and people from all backgrounds meet and confer, creating a society with influences from all areas, yet retaining its unique color and character.

It is the recognition that this uniqueness is what makes The Crossroads our home and the diversity of competing ideologies, whether they be political, religious, economic or social contributes to the whole and makes the region stronger.

It is with a desire to promote and protect the culture of competing and complimentary ideas that the member nations do hereby band together and swear the following:

“I, a member of FACE, hereby swear to uphold the ideals of peaceful coexistence for all members of ‘The Crossroads’ and I further pledge to promote the exchange of ideas among all members of FACE. I pledge to never raise arms against any member of FACE. (Amended 587) Finally, I pledge to help defend my fellow members from attacks upon them. (Amended 673).

So I have pledged, so it will be.”


The government of FACE shall have two bodies, the office of the Triumvirate and the Senate.

Office of the Triumvirate[]

The Triumvirate shall have 3 members. The Crossroads has three distinct areas ruled by their own structures, the Kingdom of Hejaz, the Consulate of Solaris, and the Shi’ang Territory. Each area shall have one triumvir from within its borders to serve FACE. (Amended 1025). The triumvirs shall all be equal in authority and are charged with serving the best interests of all member territories of The Crossroads.

Triumvirs have the following authorities granted:

Admission or expulsion of any member to FACE.

The creation and enforcement of any law, policy or procedure to govern members.

To resolve all disputes regarding trade and commerce among member nations.

To promote trade, commerce and exchange of ideas among all member nations.

To levy tithes and create a system of commerce including institutions for the deposits of tithes so collected. (Amended 629)

To appoint ministers to oversee the creation and enforcement of laws under the color of the Office of Triumvirate. (Amended 634)

To treat with nations who are not members of FACE on behalf of all member nations to promote trade and commerce. (Amended 786)

To declare a state of war in response to an attack upon a member nation of FACE and to coordinate all war activities in the defense thereof, and to negotiate peace terms or surrender terms on behalf of FACE. (Amended 932)

To enact policies to prepare FACE for military action and to declare war upon any non member nation of FACE, or any political subdivision which FACE is not a member by unanimity of serving Triumvirs. (Amended 1547).

The power to overturn a veto by the Senate of any policy by unanimity of Triumvirs. Amended 1673).

The power to suspend or reinstate the Senate by unanimity of serving Triumvirs. (Amended 1793).

The Senate[]

The Senate shall have 1 member for every 10 member nations. These Senators shall be elected by the members regardless of area of origin within the Crossroads. Senators shall be elected every 90 days (Amended 641). Any member of FACE is permitted to run for the position of Senate. The Senate shall elect one Senator to act as Head Senator who shall have the power to propose policies to the Office of the Triumvirate for Official Vote. (Amended 1143)

The Senate has the following authorities granted:

The Senate may review any and all policies promulgated by the Office of Triumvir and make recommendations concerning those policies. Upon a 2/3rds vote of all Senators, they may veto any policy. (Amended 932).

The Senate may also propose any policy for consideration by the Office of Triumvirate (Amended 1130) and the Office of the Triumvirate must hold an official Trium vote on the measure within 15 days of proposal by the Senate. (Amended 1143).

The Senate has the power to approve or disapprove all nominations for the positions created by the Office of the Triumvir. (Amended 762).

The Senate has the power to impeach a Triumvir for inactivity or Treason upon a ¾ vote of all Senators. (Amended 1398).

Admission Requirements[]

Nations that meet the following criteria may be admitted as members of FACE:

A nation must be located within the area known as “The Crossroads” delineated below:


A nation must be on the black trading team.

A nation must be sponsored by one of the serving Triumvirs for membership.

A ruler must be active in the affairs of FACE.

A ruler must promote the ideals of FACE.

A ruler must take the pledge set forth above. (Amended 938)

A ruler must be in good standing with the world community. If he or she is an established ruler, two references will be necessary. (Amended 1674)

A ruler must gain admittance to the meeting chambers of FACE. (Amended 1898).

A ruler must be accessible through instantaneous communication devices on a regular basis. (Amended 1987).

Member Rights and Privileges[]

Members of FACE have the following rights and privileges as members of FACE.

Citizens of any FACE member may travel to any other FACE member’s nation for the purpose of trade, commerce, and the exchange of cultural, religious and political ideas.

Members of FACE are free to speak their minds on any topic that concerns the membership of FACE.

Member nations of FACE have a right to a defense from other members of FACE. (Amended 673).

All member nations of FACE have a right to vote for membership in the Senate and any ruler of any member of FACE may serve as Senator.

All member nations of FACE have the right to admission into FACE’s meeting chambers and to be heard therein.

All member nations may have any form of government.

The right to follow any religion of the nation’s choosing, or none (Amended 987), except for Mialchir (Amended 923).

Regarding Amendments[]

This charter may be amended by unanimous decision of serving Triumvirs. Such Amendments will be set forth below and incorporated into the body of the charter to the extent possible.

Signed, this 25th day of August, 527,

On behalf of the Territories of Shi'ang:

Shi'a of the Territories of the Shi'ang Dynasty

On behalf of the Consulate of Solaris:

Lord Snowden of Solaris.

On behalf of the Kingdom of Hejaz:

Abdul ibn Ayaz, Mufta of the Hejaz.


The charter is hereby amended as follows:

Amended this 8th day of Decembre, 587. In order to promote trade and stability, all members shall pledge to never raise arms against any member of FACE. FACE is primarily a group dedicated to trade and commerce, however, attacks between member nations disturb trade and commerce and are forbidden.

Amended this 16th day of Novembre, 629. As the duties of the triumvirate and senate bodies have expanded dramatically since the creation of FACE, the power to levy tithes is hereby granted to the triumvirs. Further, a coordinated system of commerce and trade is also authorized to be created by the Triumvirate for the benefit of all member nations.

Amended this 2nd day of Octovre, 634. Due to the creation of a commerce system, the members of FACE hereby grant the Office of Triumvirate the ability to appoint deputies/assistants/ministres to assist in the execution of the duties of the Office of Triumvir.

Amended this 23rd day of Januare, 641. Due to recent uncertainties regarding service of Senators and Ministers, Senators shall be elected every 90 days as terms were previously set at 120 days.

Amended this 9th day of March, 673. While FACE remains a collection of nations who want to promote trade and commerce, attacks upon member nations by outside forces disturb the peace and stability of all members. Though diplomacy is the main tool by which FACE shall resolve all disputes, in the event of the failure of diplomacy and an attack upon one of the member nations of FACE, all member nations are required to defend and assist that member from outside attack.

Amended this 19th day of June, 762. Due to the number of Ministers currently serving, the Senate shall have the power to approve or disapprove of appointments in order to prevent confusion regarding the rightfully appointed ministers and deputies.

Amended this 14th day of Octobre 786. Due to the recent development of nations and trade alliances outside of the borders of the Crossroads, and the desire of such nations and alliances to conduct commerce and trade with members of FACE, the members hereby grant the Office of the Triumvirate the power to engage in negotiations regarding commerce and trade with non member nations of FACE, and to sign pacts on the behalf of all members of FACE.

Amended this 1st day of 923. The so-called religion of Mialchir is hereby expressly forbidden as being in complete opposition to the ideals and goals of the members of FACE.

Amended this 20th day of Februare, 932. In recognition that relations with nations not members of FACE may not be solely political, commercial, or trade related in nature, the membership of FACE hereby grants the Office of the Triumvirate the power to coordinate the defense of FACE by any means necessary. Further, the Office of the Triumvirate is hereby granted the authority to offer terms of peace as well as negotiate surrender on behalf of FACE.

Further Amended this 20th day of Februare, 932. In recognition that the Senate is directly elected by the members, the Senate is granted the power to veto a policy issued by the Office of Triumvir on a 2/3rd’s vote of all Senators.

Amended this 12th day of July, 938: All members are required to officially and publicly take the pledge of membership. Given the recent war, and certain member's doubts as to their commitment, FACE hereby requires a public pledge of support. FACE firmly believes that a ruler's word is his or her bond.

Amended this 23rd day of Septembre, 987. The freedom to follow a religion necessarily entails the choice of following no religion.

Amended this 21st day of June, 1025: Due to the evolving nature of The Crossroads, the previous political distinctions set forth in the Charter of FACE no longer exist in any discernible form. As such, any ruler from the territories contained within the Crossroads may serve if appointed due to death, impeachment or resignation of a serving triumvir.

Amended this 31st Day of August, 1130. The Senate is hereby granted to propose policies to the Office of Triumvir for consideration.

Amended this 23rd day of June 1143. In order to avoid future confusion regarding the Senate proposing policies to the Triumvirs for review, the Senate shall elect one Senator as Head of Senate who shall have the ability to propose a policy agreed upon by the Senate to the Office of Triumvirate who shall be required to adopt or reject the policy through official vote within 15 days of proposal.

Amended this 17th day of February, 1547. In the long and storied history of FACE, there has never been a reason for FACE to declare an offensive war. Unfortunately, recent events regarding the re-emergence of the Mialchir required such an action. As such, the members of FACE hereby grant the Office of the Triumvir the ability to declare an offensive war on behalf of FACE and to coordinate all war activities including suing for peace or offering surrender on behalf of all members of FACE.

Amended this 4th day of September, 1673. Due to the recent events whereby the Senate was infiltrated by hostile rulers, the Triumvirate is hereby granted the right to override any senatorial veto upon unanimity of serving Triumvirs.

Amended this 27th day of July, 1674: All members seeking entry to FACE who have been a part of another alliance or an established leader shall provide letters of reference to the Office of Triumvirs to speak to his or her good quality. This is to prevent the intrusion of hostile forces into the alliance and possibly the senate as was the case in the 'Senate Infiltration of 1673.'

Amended this 19th day of July, 1793. Due to irregularities regarding recent Senate procedures, and the destruction of the Senate meeting chambers along with most of the serving Senators, the Office of the Triumvirate is hereby granted the authority to suspend and reinstate the Senate upon unanimity of serving Triumvirs.

Amended this 30th day of August, 1898. In order to become a member, one of the requirements is the applicant find, and gain, admittance to the reconsitituted meeting chambers of FACE.

Amended this 1st day of October, 1987. Applicants and members must be available via instantaneous communication devices. In the most recent attempts to reach members, there was much difficulty resulting in the inability of the Office of Triumvirs to carry out the policies of FACE, resulting in the destruction of one of the member nations.

Amended, this 10th day of November, 2008. A legal sentence levied upon a nation pursuant to this charter shall automatically extinguish upon the death of that ruler. No such sentence shall be levied upon any blood relative, even if such relative shall ascend to power of the same nation. The sins of the father shall not be visited upon the son, and any such sentence previously levied by FACE is hereby null and void.

Amended, this 10th day of November, 2008. Henceforth, a member of FACE may only declare war upon a sovereign nation under the following conditions, and only with leave of the Triumvirate:

1) When war has been declared on a member of FACE
2) When FACE has declared war
3) As directed by the Triumvirate

Any other declaration of war is considered illegal and, as such, will be subject to sanctions as to be determined by the Triumvirate.