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Ministry of the Interor of the Russian Federation
Министерство внутренних дел Российской Федерации
Agency overview
Preceding agency Ministry of the Interior of the Soviet Union
Headquarters Moscow, Russian Federation
Employees 16,310
Annual budget n/a
Minister responsible Evgeny Zimin
Agency executive President Dmitry Romanov

Federal City of Moscow[]

Russian: Федеральный Город Москвы

Capital: Moscow (Москва)
Governor: Leonid Polezhayev
Ruling Party: United Russia

Moscow (Москва in Russian) is the capital and the most populous city and federal subject of the Russian Federation. It also ranks among the largest urban areas in the world. Moscow is the major political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational, and transportation center of Russia, with the former capital St. Petersburg as its only real rival.

Federal City of St.Petersburg[]

Russian: Федеральный Город Санкт Петербурга
Capital: Saint Petersburg
Ruling Party: United Russia

The city was founded in 1703 by then Russian emperor Petr I, and in 1705 he moved the court from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, thus making the city the capital of the Russian Empire.

When the communists took power in Russia in 1919, Moscow was made capital again and has remained capital since the fall of the communist regime.

The city was named Leningrad (ru:Ленинград) 1924-1991.

Federal Special Administrative Region of Kaliningrad[]

Russian: Федеральный Калининградской Особый Административный Район
Capital: Kaliningrad
Governor: Alexey Barinov
Ruling Party: United Russia

West Siberian Federal Republic[]

Russian: Западная Сибирская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Nerzhinsk
Governor: Alexander Tkachyov
Ruling Party: United Russia

Federal Republic of Kazan[]

Russian: Казанская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Kazan (Казан)
Governor: Anatoly Artamonov
Ruling Party: Our Motherland

Udmurtian Federal Republic[]

Russian:Удмуртская Федеральная Республика
Governor:Pavel Ipatov
Ruling Party: Democratic Russia

East Caucasian Federal Republic[]

Russian:Восточная Кавказская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Astrakhan
Governor: Yevgeny Savchenko
Ruling Party: Democratic Russia

Leningrad Federal Republic[]

Russian: Ленинградская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Saint Petersburg (Санкт Петербург)
Governor:Nikolai Kiselev
Ruling Party: United Russia

West Caucasian Federal Republic[]

Russian: Западная Кавказская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Krasnodar
Governor: Nikolay Maksyuta
Ruling Party: United Russia

Federal Republic of Karelia[]

Russian: Карельская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Petrozavodsk (Петрозаводск)
Governor: Murtaza Rakhimov
Ruling Party: United Russia

Far Eastern Federal Republic[]

Russian: Федеральная Республика Дальной Востоке
Capital: Vladivostok
Governor: Murat Zyazikov
Ruling Party: United Russia

East Siberian Federal Republic[]

Russian: Восточная Сибирская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Irskutsk
Governor: Yulia Mironova
Ruling Party: United Russia

Irkutsk is the absolute political centre of the Asian part of Russia. A growing number of Chinese immigrants has contributed to the rapid growth and industrialization of the city and the entire East Siberian Republic.

Ukrainian-Karsakh Federal Republic[]

Russian:Украино-Карсахская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Voronezh
Governor: Nikolai Timoshenko
Ruling Party: United Russia

Federal Republic of Rusyn[]

Russian: Русынская Федеральная Республика
Capital: Moscow
Governor: Dmitry Stroyev
Ruling Party: United Russia Bold text