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Federal Republic of Bosporan
Banner Bosporanbanner
Motto n/a
Anthem n/a
Official Name Federal Republic of Bosporan
Common Name Bosporan
Head of Government President Nikita Akhatova
Head of State President Nikita Akhatova
Government Federal Republic
Capital Molotov
Civilian Population 80,000,000
Military(Regular Soldiers, Marines and Paratroopers 500,000
Official Languages Russian and English
Currency Rubble
National Religion None
Demographics 90% Russian, 5% Ukrainian, 3% Chinese, 2% other
Main Political Parties Socialist Party

Communist Party
Capitalist Party
Democratic Party
Center Party
Christian Union

Nation Information Edit

Under Construction

Government Edit

  • President: Nikita Akhatova
  • Vice-President: Anastasia Batalova


  • Secretary of Internal Affairs: Alexei Belikov
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Dimitri Demichev
  • Secretary of Defense: Ivan Kalawinsky
  • Secretary of Finance: Aleksandra Kazakova
  • Secretary of Social Welfare: Anna Kayukova


  • Total Seats: 150
  • Socialist Party: 50
  • Communist Party: 30
  • Capitalist Party: 26
  • Democratic Party: 25
  • Center Party: 14
  • Christian Union: 5


  • Total Seats: 30
  • Socialist Party: 10
  • Communist Party: 8
  • Capitalist Party: 5
  • Democratic Party: 4
  • Center Party: 2
  • Christian Union: 1

Foreign Affairs Edit



History Edit

Under Construction

Federal Armed Forces Edit

Under Construction

Federal Army Edit

Federal Air Force Edit

Federal Special Forces Edit

Federal Police Edit

Federal Secret Service Edit

Strategic Arms Command Edit

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