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Federal Domestic Agency
FDA's Peace Time Flag

FDA's Peace Time Flag

FDA's War Flag
FDA's War Flag
FDA Motto: The Feds Are Coming!!The Feds Are Coming!!
Team Color Aqua team.gif Aqua
Founder(s) jab07,quincy,lord micheal, micheal cox,dewin wallis,air force,Gh0sT
Founded 02/20/2009
Leader(s) Emperor-jab07
Other Officials

1st FDA:

  • MoIA-Gh0sT
  • MoE-DewinWallis
  • MoD-Lord Micheal
  • MoR-MikeyC
Aqua Senate MHA candidate

link=http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_stats.asp?ID=invalid alliance Statistics as of 03/28/09

Total Nations 19
Strength 70,878
Avg. Strength 3,730
Nukes 0
Score .45
Important Links
Merge sign.svg Merge notice
This alliance merged to become part of the Federation of Buccaneers.

Merger occurred on/around April 6, 2009
More info is available here.

History[edit | edit source]

See also: Federal Domestic Agency (2nd)
  • The FDA was created on 02/20/09 by jab07,quincy,lord micheal, micheal cox,dewin wallis,air force,Gh0sT
  • Our old forums was created on 02/20/09 by jab07
  • FDA's Old Flag(current War Flag) was created on 02/20/09 by PhotoType Design
  • FDA's Charter Was Created by Sorum on 02/24/09
  • on 3/16/09 Quincy was removed as Triumvir due to his nation being deleted
  • On 3/20/09 our charter was changed: jab07 became emperor
  • On 03/21/09 after having trouble with zetaboards we change our forums to our current one.
  • on 03/24/09 air force was removed from MoFA reason his nation was deleted
  • on 03/25/09 CrEeLo was kicked out of the FDA reason unapproved war and Operation CrEeLo Take Down Was Started
  • on 03/28/09 our current peace time flag was created by helix
  • on 04/06/09 FDA merged into the Federation of Buccaneers.

Operation War Fund

One Of The goals of the original FDA is to help our members put together a war fund. Every Nation Under 6k NS got 2 mill in cash to help with their war fund. They also aided nations above 6k NS to help them get a war fund if they requested it.

Treaties[edit | edit source]


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