Federal Airforce
Active 2009-Present
Country Federalandia
Branch Federal Armed Forces of Federalandia
Type Air Force
Motto The Skies Is Ours!
Anniversaries Day 15th
Engagements Federal-Boisa War
Airforce General General Kim Sol Ju
Chief Of Staff Of Armed Forces General Vito Medvedev

The Federal Air Force (FedAF) is the lead aerial warfare service branch of the Federal Armed Forces of Federalandia and one of the uniformed services of the federalandia. Initially part of the Federal Ground Forces, the FedAF was formed as a separate branch of the military under the National Security Act. It is the most recent branch of the Federal military to be formed. The FedAF operates aircraft in service mostly unknown numbered

The Currently Procured Aircraft that will enter service are Presumedly:

Mi-28 Mi-8 M1-17 UH-60 CH-47 UH-1

F-22 A/B/C/D Variantts F-35 JSF J-10 JF-16 A/B/D Variants Su-30 Su-35 Su-24 Su-25 F-15

Il-76[Cargo and AWACS] Il-78 C-17

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