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Faroe-Inzane War
Part of TOP-C&G War
A Faroe Islands Centurion Tank
Date 2/6/2010 - 2/15/2010
Location inzane nation, Amsnia
Result White Peace
Pauls Britain UK of the FI

Custom47 Amsnia

MHA Small Flag inzane nation

MHA Small Flag Enoch
MHA Small Flag Land of Madam
MHA Small Flag BrutalAnnihilation

Pauls Britain Paul M

Custom47 Dylan

MHA Small Flag inzaneflyer

MHA Small Flag dallasallad
MHA Small Flag Adam the Madam
MHA Small Flag NuclearGlow

10,000 troops
800 tanks
50 aircraft
30,000 troops
2,500 tanks
200 aircraft
Casualties and losses
4,000+ soldiers
400+ tanks
32+ aircraft
4,000+ soldiers
400+ tanks
24+ aircraft

The Faroe-Inzane War was a conflict between the United Kingdom of the Faroe Islands and the inzane nation that started on February 6, 2010 as part of the TOP-C&G War.

Initial Attack and Conflict[]

On February 6, 2010 the United Kingdom of the Faroe Islands declared war on the inzane nation in support of the Grand Global Alliance. Soon after troops of the Faroe Islands crossed friendly boarders into the inzane nation. Initial fighting was heavy and casualties were high. Both sides achieved several victories at the loss of around 1,000 troops each and several aircraft. Shortly after the initial attack the nation of Enoch backed up the inzane nation with a declaration of war on the Faroe Islands.

For the next two days heavy fighting continued with both sides gaining victories. Several air raids were carried out by both sides along with cruise missile attacks. Casualties continued to rise as a result of the fighting.

Fighting by February 9 had died down. However, both sides continued to launch air raids and cruise missile attacks with moderate success. Troops of the inzane nation carried out two offensives and achieved one victory and one loss. The Faroe Islands also establishes communication with Amsnia, thus bringing the nation into the conflict. Amsnia had been attacked by inzane nation several days earlier.

On February 10, Amsnia surrendered to the forces of inzane nation and the Mostly Harmless Alliance. The surrender comes after attempts to better the nation’s position fail. inzane nation also carries out two air raids and two missile attacks on forces of the Faroe Islands. They later carry out two ground attacks but are defeated in both.

By February 11 Land of Madam and BrutalAnnihilation had declared war on forces of the Faroe Islands. Several air raids along with curses missile attacks were carried out before ground attacks. Victories were achieved by both sides. Spy attacks were also carried out against the Faroe Islands. All fail and five enemy spies were killed. The Faore Islands would fight defensively for the rest of the war.

For the next two days heavy fighting continued and victories were achieved by both sides. The Faroe Islands entered a state of Anarchy. By February 15 inzane nation and Enoch had left the war. It was hours later that White Peace between the Grand Global Alliance and Mostly Harmless Alliance was signed.