Fark-NPO War
Part of the Grudge War
Date December 2, 2011 — January 23, 2012
Casus belli Pre-empting NPO's entry in the Grudge War
Past grievances
Result NPO and Allies victory
Preceded by
Grudge War
Succeeded by
Mjölnir - Superfriends Front
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The Fark-NPO War, a major front in Grudge War, was a conflict between Farkistan and FAN against the New Pacific Order for the actions committed by the NPO in the past (specifically the Holy War of Farkistan and VietFAN).

While there was some criticism of the action due to the apparent casus belli having already been used for the DH-NPO War, Farkistan made it clear in their DoW that in reality they were taking up NPO on Pacifica's Declaration of Support for IRON and TOP during the Grudge War. The strategic goal of pre-emptively attacking NPO was drawing resources away from those who would come to New Polar Order's direct defense.

The Fark-NPO War may also be known by several different names given by various alliances. In Farkistan it's referred to as the UnHoly War whereas in the Imperial Order it's called the Neckbeard Massacre. The NPO refer to this war as the Grudge War.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Fark-NPO War see: Category:Fark-NPO War veteran.

Background Edit

One week before Farkistan and Fan declared war on NPO, the combined forces of IRON and TOP had attacked NpO. Their casus belli was founded on repaying Polar for actions during the Bipolar War.
But intelligence led FARK and others to believe that the TOP/IRON-NpO war was just an element in a larger scheme, designed to lure members of Superfriends and Dos Equis into a major conflict, where overwhelming opposing forces were lined up to break down the two blocs and force their surrenders. Farkistan was expected to declare on either TOP or IRON in defense of Polar, upon which the treaty web would cleanly chain to bring in major alliances for a "curbstomp".
By declaring instead on Pacifica, Farkistan intended to fulfill its obligation to defend NpO, while sidestepping the obvious trap and forcing the other side to regroup and target them through far more tenuous chains and politically unpopular ghost declarations.

Development Edit

In the days following the outbreak of hostilities, declarations by the NPO side chained further and further, leading to the Order of the Paradox entering against Farkistan on 5 December following one of the longest chains in the history of Bob. TOP declared via an oA with Nordreich, who declared via an oA with Non Grata, who declared via an oA with the Last Remnants, who declared via an ODP with NPO.

The next day, Sparta and Guru Order entered in Farkistan's defense, and the Mostly Harmless Alliance was dragged into the conflict on the evening of December 8, when GATO, ODN, TPE and Hooligans declared war on them, ostensibly in pre-emptive defense of the Last Remnants.

On the 9th, as a form of retaliation, NPO declared war on Sparta in defense of their ally, Olympus and their mutual friends in BAPS. Grämlins and others joined in against Sparta the same day.
The front became further entangled when FOK, The Apparatus, Pirates of the Parrot Order and Knights of Ni! joined in defense of MHA and GO, and Viridian Entente, NG, and TLR responded by declaring war on the Apparatus.

As the wider war went on, new declarations of varying importance and validity kept trickling in against FARK and her allies. DiCE, for example, declared on FARK for being "bullies" and in support of TLR, while Mushroom Kingdom joined the FAN/FARK-NPO front on the evening of the 15th with a terse, sarcastic declaration against MHA, forgoing all pretense of "treaty legality" or casus belli.
Finally, after two attempted peace negotiations, FARK and FAN surrendered to NPO and her allies on January 23, 2012.

Declarations of War Edit

For Fark/FAN Edit

For NPO Edit

Surrenders and Withdrawals Edit

For Fark/FAN Edit

For NPO Edit

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