Far Eastern Territory
Territory of the Union of Midway
National Flag
Capital New Atlantis
Official language English, Japanese
Government Type
- Territorial Administration
Totalitarian Democracy
Directly Administered by Union of Midway
- Annexation of Far Eastern Territory into the Union of Midway

The Far Eastern Territory is a territory of the Union of Midway. It consists of all of the sea that Midway governs from the East of the Eastern Province of Midway, hence the name Far Eastern Territory. It shares borders with the Eastern Province of Midway. The Far Eastern Territory is based entirely at sea, and is a symbol of Midwayan innovation when it comes to building in the ocean.


First Union of MidwayEdit

During the first Union of Midway the Far Eastern Territory wasn't as spread out as it currently was, and Pearl and Hermes Atoll was still part of the Far Eastern Territory. The Far Eastern Territory was largely unscathed by the Union of Midway-Darkest Empire Wars. During the time that the other Provinces were undergoing rapid industrialization, the Far Eastern Territory was not only going through rapid industrialization, but also had great advancements in technology as the people living here were forced to live at sea.

After Dissolution of the First UnionEdit

After the dissolution of the first Union of Midway, the Far Eastern Territory split into multiple factions that were constantly warring with each other. Because of this they didn't join the Union of Midway until after it was reformed.

Reformation of the Union of MidwayEdit

The Far Eastern Territory didn't re-join the Union of Midway immediately. The warring factions kept that from happening. Over time one faction grew stronger than the others, and finally conquered the others ending the long days of constant war. It was soon after this that the Far Eastern Territory was annexed into the Union of Midway.

Open-Sea City ProjectEdit

The Far Eastern Territory has what is called the Open-Sea City Project. In this project cities are build on open ocean, and there is a large investment on research on this. The Far Eastern Territories capitol of New Hawaii is a great example of this, and is the first city to be build as part of this project. A small number of other cities have been build since, and plans for more cities are being made.

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