Cyber Nations Wiki

Founder of UnitedConfederacy[]

fallin has founded the nation of UnitedConfederacy three times! He First joined Cyber Nations back in 2007. His current nation was founded on 7/4/2009 at 6:33:05 AM.

Member of GUN[]

Shortly After first joining Cyber Nations, fallin became a member of GUN

Minister of Foreign Affairs[]

After only two months in GUN, fallin was elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs.


After a few months in upper government, fallin decided to retire and become more of an Advisor to the government.

Member of GPA[]

After a few months in Retirement, fallin left GUN to join GPA in 2008. After only two months in GPA, fallin left CN.

Return to CN[]

After a few months away from CN, fallin came back, founding his nation of UnitedConfederacy once more.

Returning to GUN[]

After coming back to CN, fallin also went back to his first alliance, GUN.

Triumvir of the Security Council[]

After some time in GUN, fallin was elected as Triumvir to the Security Council. He served in that position for a few months before retiring and advising the government once more.


After retirement, fallin took on the role of advising the government of GUN.

Leaving CN Again[]

After advising for a while, fallin decided to leave CN again.

Returning to CN[]

After leaving CN again, fallin decided to rejoin, founding his nation of UnitedConfederacy again. This time he decided not to join his first alliance again, rather he tried a totally new one.

Joining MHA[]

Only minutes after joining CN for a third time, fallin decided to join the Mostly Harmless Alliance. In MHA, fallin has contributed much to the alliance, especially in the field of Diplomacy and guides on Diplomacy.

Secretary of Bilateral Relations[]

After a little time in MHA, King CJC appointed fallin as the Secretary of Bilateral Relations. Since then he has contributed to a lot of things dealing with MHA's foreign affairs.

Deputy Minister of Babel Fish[]

Fallin was appointed Deputy Minister of Babel Fish (Foreign Affairs) by Yankeefan2. He was appointed after King CJC left MHA for another alliance, and Yankeefan2 as King CJC's deputy became Minister of Babel Fish.