FTW-Kashmir War
Date 11 April 2018 - 17 April 2018
Casus belli Kashmir nations attacking SNX during the Second NpO-SNX War
Result All parties agree to exit the Second NpO-SNX War
Preceded by
Second NpO-SNX War
Succeeded by
Interstellar Wolf with Claws War
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Second NpO-SNX War
Dragonwolfnovawar FTW
Flag of Kashmir Kashmir
Mandarin's Banner COBRA
White Peace declared

The FTW-Kashmir War was a war that started when Freehold of The Wolves, who held a treaty with SNX, declared war on Kashmir, who had nations attack SNX in the Second NpO-SNX War.


The New Polar Order declared war against ISX on April 9th, 2018 due to tensions related to The Zigur's feud with one of NpO's members. Shortly thereafter, Kashmir nations attacked ISX without a declaration of war.

In response, on April 11th, FTW declared war against Kashmir. Two days later, COBRA countered FTW in defense of Kashmir.

After a period of intense fighting, a peace agreement was agreed upon on April 17th.


FTW maintained that, although they supported the NpO attack on their ally SNX, Kashmir was bandwaggoning in the war with no treaty ties and no DoW.

Kashmir criticized FTW by saying that other alliances such as AM, NG and Nordreich (2nd) had also attacked SNX with no response from FTW, who had thus cherry-picked the smallest target. They also noted that it was fairly well-known that Kashmir had "paperless" treaties with several alliances (including NpO, and that a slight effort in checking by FTW would have shown this.

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