Fußball Club Festung-Oder 1920
Qui patitur vincit
("who endures, conquers")
Wappen Frankfurt (Oder)
Type Club
Type National Team
City Frankfurt an der Oder
Country Niflungland
Nickname(s) Die Legionäre
("The Legionaries"),
Die Schildwachen
("The Sentinels")
Founded 11 January 1920
Ground Härteschloß Stadion
Capacity: 47,400
League Nordreich Liga, Hrafnsliga
Rank Nordreich Liga I, 5th;
Hrafnsliga, 1st
Manager Sigurð Óðinnsson
Head Coach Robert Hamilton
Fußball Club Festung-Oder 1920 is the fourth-oldest football club in Niflungland's Hrafnliga, the main football league in the Commonwealth. It has also been the leading team in that league for the past several years, entitling it in the eyes of its owner, the Vísir of Niflungland Sigurð Óðinnsson, to play in the wider Nordreich Liga.


The name is derived from the geographic and historical origins of the team itself. It was originally created as the Nibelungen Brigade by a group of soldiers stationed in the city of Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, Brandenburg, Niflungland in 1920 as a means of relaxation and community building during the Niflungan Civil War. When the team gained recognition on a national level, the management changed the name to FC Festung an der Oder ("Fortress on the Oder river"), or, as it has come to be called Festung-Oder, with the year of its foundation tacked onto the end.


Festung-Oder has an excellent record in the native Hrafnsliga, but has mediocre showing in the international Nordreich Liga.

Nordreich Liga Season IIEdit

Festung-Oder opened their first season in the Nordreich Liga (the second season for the league overall) with three friendly matches against competing teams with disappointing results. Their luck, however, changed when they left the exhibition stage. League games continued to produce tiring and disappointing results for the team used to being victorious almost all the time, but they were proving their mettle in the contest for the Nordreich Liga Cup, in which the team progressed to the final to find themselves defeated by now-major rival the Dorpat Lions.

They ended the season with a mediocre record of 3 losses, 3 wins and 2 draws in league play, and 7 losses, 6 wins and 6 draws overall.

MVP: Deutschland Richard Reitz

Nordreich Liga Season IIIEdit

Season 3 of the Nordreich Liga saw a significant decline of performance on the part of Festung-Oder, largely from lack of involvement from the management team picked to lead the team. The season opened with an expected draw against Vlaamsche Boerkens, followed by dismal defeat after dismal defeat. In the course of the season, the team has secured only 3 victories.

After being eliminated in the Kaiser Nemhauser Cup running in only the Best of 16 round, the owner of the team began scouting for a replacement for veteran Franz Hintzfeld, who had been manager and head coach for the past four years. After another defeat at the hands of North Pacific United, it was decided that Hintzfeld was to be sacked, and news was released just in time for Hintzfeld to lead Festung-Oder to one final victory over Nacional CF before his replacement with sitting manager Robert Hamilton of Dunfermline.

Festung-Oder hopes to round out the season with a few more victories, especially with the addition of a new keeper and new policy of buy-and-sell which will break with Hintzfeld's policy of heavy reliance on the youth club for fresh talent. The defensive tactics of Hintzfeld will likely be maintained for the rest of the season.


Merits and StandingsEdit

Was eliminated from Kaiser Nemhauser Cup in round of last 16 season 3

Finished 3 out of 6 in Nordreich Liga 2 season 2

Was eliminated from Nordreich Liga Cup in final season 2

Biggest Win :

Vs. North Pacific United 4-0 Nordreich Liga Season 2, Home, League Match

Biggest Loss :

Vs. Craiova Sud 0-4 Nordreich Liga Season 2, Away, League Match


Current Squad
No. Player Position
13 Deutschland Claus Jänicke Keeper
12 Deutschland Tim Kürschner Keeper
1 Ulster Gene McGorry Keeper
3 Deutschland Florian Bernard Defender
16 Deutschland Ludwig Gäbler Defender
5 Deutschland Martin Stingl Defender
27 Deutschland Sven Wiedenmann Defender
4 Deutschland Richard Reitz Defender
6 Deutschland Tony Franz Defender
2 Deutschland Jürgen Buß Defender
15 Deutschland Reinhold Hiller Midfielder
8 Deutschland Raymond Ortmann Midfielder
7 Deutschland Udo Raith Midfielder
14 Deutschland Manfred Fingler Midfielder
28 Deutschland Dieter Leonhard Midfielder
9 Sweden Mikkjel Fiskerstrand Forward
11 Deutschland Alfred Michler Forward
10 Deutschland Eberhard Möllers Forward
25 Deutschland Gerd Kegel Forward
17 Deutschland Sascha Cichon Forward
Notable Retirements/Departures
Player Position
Deutschland Cristoph Bitter Forward
Englandflag Sheldon Cleese Midfielder
Deutschland Dirk Schlecht Forward
Deutschland David Behrens Midfielder
Deutschland Bastian Hamann Midfielder
Deutschland Raphael Rupprecht Forward
Coaching Staff
Staff Member Position
Scotland Robert Hamilton Manager, Head Coach
Englandflag Ronnie Marsh Senior Coach
Deutschland Max Finter First Team Coach
Deutschland Hans Obermaier Reserve Team Manager
Sweden Ingmar Ullrsen Reserve Team Coach
Austria Dr. Helmut Wismar Club Doctor
Scotland Ian MacDonald Goalkeeping Coach
Ireland Evan McCorley Youth Team Manager
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