FAR-NpO Protectorate

Federation of Allied Republics
New Polar Order

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Status: Cancelled

NpO-FAR ProtectorateEdit

Greetings All,

Welcome to the first announcement of The Federation of Allied Republics.

This day marks the coming together of many great friends to form this new alliance. This merger of friends includes many well known people as well as all the membership of USCN.

“USCN and all its Nations our proud to unite with our friends to form The Federation of Allied Republics,” - Fernando12.

We once again express our thanks to our friends in The New Polar Order for standing with us here today. We will always do whatever it takes to protect our nations as well as our allies.

The USCN AA will be protected by The Federation of Allied Republics and The New Polar Order for 14 days following this announcement.

FAR TreatiesEdit

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