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A brilliant dictator has forseen the great pure future of the human race. The impurity of the human gene pool has extended its rain of terror beyond acceptable reaches. His top secret plan demands the total genocidal obliteration of all undesirables:- whose names shall not be mentioned as of yet but will soon be shaking in absolute fear. The nation will effectively be one great labour camp to maximise total productivity and support perhaps the worlds greatest armed forces. Any citizen deemed breaking the law will be swiftly exterminated. The government will be a dictatorship which will be receive total loyalty from his beloved people. As a nation we strive to eliminate pathetic democratic processes and reinstate dictators among cretinous nations. We hope to be a great example of buddhism, the greatest religion on planet earth. And form a strong alliance we will with unholy land. Together they will crush any nations who stand in their way especially if they are religious!!

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