Executive Triumvir of Disparu
Triumvir exécutif du Disparu
StyleThe Honourable
Term lengthFive years
Inaugural holderRowan Atkin
Formation5 March 2009

The Executive Triumvir of Disparu (French: Triumvir exécutif du Disparu) was the head of the executive Branch of the Government of Disparu, and was considered as the deputy of the Chancellor. The Executive Triumvir was responsible for the daily activities and management of the executive branch, and acted as the Ministers' supervisor. The second and last Executive Triumvir was Davet Latourelle (CPD).

The Executive Triumvir was appointed by the Chancellor. The Executive Triumvir, unlike the Ministers prior to the Second Quiet Revolution, did not have to be a MP or Senator to become a Triumvir. In fact, the Executive Triumvir was discouraged from being a member of the legislative branch.

The Executive Triumvir, along with his/her legislative and judicial counterparts, formed the Royal Triumvirate, which took over the Chancellor's duties and responsibilities if the Chancellor was unavailable.

The position was abolished from the Government following the reformation of Disparu after the Second Quiet Revolution, although most of its powers has been transferred to the office of the Administrator.

List of TriumvirsEdit

No. Name Party Term
1 Rowan Atkin Empire 6 March 2009—18 July 2011
2 Davet Latourelle Communist 19 July 2011—15 January 2012
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