Everfree Union

EvU Official Flag
EvU Motto: Noctis Aeterna
Team Color White team White
Founded 8/31/12
The Triumvirate


  • Legatus Equus



  • Shave N Haircut
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Everfree Union (EvU) is a small alliance on the White sphere. It was founded on 8/31/12.


The Everfree Union is an alliance that was recently formed by "bronies", fans of the show My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, and is based on said show. The original members of EvU were members of another Brony alliance under the name United Equestria, who wished to form a separate alliance. The Everfree Union is currently a Protectorate of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization.

In response to wars declared upon GATO, the Everfree Union declared war on R&R on February 22, 2013. This officially brought the alliance into the Equilibrium War. Their involvement in the war ended after Umbrella and her allies surrendered to the Equilibrium.


Main article: Constitution of the Everfree Union

The Everfree Union is a white team alliance based around friendship, tolerance, and the rule of law. It is a democratic alliance that strives to provide a security, support, and just governance to its member nations, while still maintaining a fun and positive community. With these goals in mind, this constitution is hereby enacted to serve as the supreme law of the Everfree Union.

Military HistoryEdit

War Combatants End Result Merit
Equilibrium War EvU & Allies vs. Equilibrium Defeat

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