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This alliance merged with TLK, FEAR, and Wolfpack to form Blood For Friends.

Merger occurred on/around August 11, 2012
More info is available here.
Note: This AA is under the protection of Deebo until September 30, 2012.

Official Flag of Europa

Official Flag of Europa

Official War Flag of Europa
Official War Flag of Europa

Original Flag of Europa
Original Flag of Europa
Europa Motto: Per maiestas quod veneratio (cool place to chillax, brah)
Team Color White team.gif White
Founded April 27, 2010
Other Officials

Grand Ayatollah

  • Ernesto Che Guevera

Strawberry Ayatollah

  • O-Dog

Mint Ayatollah

  • Numa Maximus

Vanilla Ayatollah

  • Mustakrakish II

Jalapeno Ayatollah

  • Bernkastel

link= alliance Statistics as of April 3, 2012

Total Nations 49
Strength 1,900,979
Avg. Strength 38,795
Nukes 599
Rank 65
Score 7.45
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Europa is an alliance on the White team that was founded on April 27, 2010.


Main article: History of Europa

Notable Figures (Past and Present)


  • Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Minister of Silly Walks
  • Deebo
  • Vielwerth
  • Jonnygozy
  • O-Dog
  • Rivertommy
  • Jonny Montana


  • Wee Sunny McGregor
  • Socratic
  • Teebs
  • Mothman

Notable Wars


Europa gained much international notoriety during the NEW-DF War after declaring war on the Orange Defense Network. Europa was just over 1.3 Million NS at the time, and understood full-well what declaring on the sanctioned ODN would mean, but did so anyways to honor their treaty with FEAR.

The following day, Sparta retaliated against Europa and WFF, making the total of sanctioned alliances on Europa 2, or just over a 20:1 nation strength ratio. Europa's allies in UBD and Invicta declared their intentions in private to ride straight to hell with Europa. While at first Europa was happy to hear this, they eventually declared that they would not be asking their allies to enter the war, for fear of the war going global and their allies being beaten down. The international community's reaction was a mixture of outrage and happiness.

Europa Military History

War Dates Adversary Outcome Ribbon
NEW-DF War 12/20/2010-
ODN and Sparta White Peace ODNWar.gif

Fark-NPO War 12/25/2011-
Fark and NPL Europa Victory 8duLO.jpg

Grudge War 12/7/2011-
MCXA and GDA Europa Victory V7b1d.gif
BFF-Sentinel War 12/3/2011-
UPN, USN and Menotah Europa Victory VW5UH.gif

Dave War 6/25/2012-
The Legion and MCXA Europa Victory

Europan Army


Europa Soldier

Europa's army prides itself on being one of the most powerful on campus. All the other frat houses are all like "Yo brah, they've got the Natty Ice and the bitches" and are up in our shit about beating us at lax. They're just like wanting to be as chill as us, but they're trying too hard. We're the chillest alliance ever. Well, FEAR is pretty chill. We give them a bro-fist. Tight, eh brah?

76979 111414358927181 100001758533012 72862 6396406 n.jpg

The Commandant of Europa's Army

Bailey danny.jpg

Europa's Commandant displaying the new military uniform.

Europa Charter

Main article: Charter of Europa

Foreign Relations


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