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Official Flag of Euphoria

National Flag
"We are better than you"
Capital City Happy City
Established 2/12/2007
(5,286 days old)
Ruler linkmandx
Alliance Turquoise alliance of awesome
Turquoise alliance of awesome
AllianceStats.gifIcon rankings.pngWorld.pngIcon war.pngIcon aid.pngIcon spy.png
Nation Team Team: Blue Blue


After its formation on February 12, 2007, Euphoria made an unofficial alliance with The Ocho Cinco and his nation of Tschechisch. Although The Ocho Cinco had a habit of declaring war unprovoked, Euphoria went with him anyway. A few days after being created, Euphoria joined the PREP alliance. Then news came that The Ocho Cinco had been destroyed. He had begged the PREP alliance for help, but they refused on the basis that the war he started was offensive and unprovoked. Euphoria agreed to help Tschechisch, but was handily defeated. Shortly after getting out of the war, the PREP alliance excommunicated The Ocho Cinco, allowing no alliance member to aid him in any way. Euphoria stuck with the PREP alliance, despite his past with Tschechisch, even when the alliance decided to declare war on him on February 28, 2007. This war expired on March 9, with Tschechisch at less than 4 infrastructure, a clear victory for his alliance.

This peace lasted half of a month, until Tschecisch declared war on two nations within the PREP confederation on March 29, 2007. Euphoria retaliated, and the war ended on April 6, with a victory for Euphoria.

Tschechisch once again provoked the nation of Euphoria into war on April 10, with a declaration of war against two of Euphoria's unofficial allies, Gladiotoria and Crazy Country. Tschechisch was nearly reached ZI, but Euphoria negotiated peace terms before that could come to pass.

On June 1 LinkManDX left PREP to form the Turquoise Alliance of Awesome, a blue and green team alliance, which has flourished under his rule.

During Great War I while a member of the LUEnited Nations Euphoria fought Cuatela from the New Pacific Order.