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Ether Technology/Land Raiding Laws

All nations planning On conducting a Tech or Land Raid Must follow these laws.

  2. No Black Nations. We want to promote the black sphere, not steal from it.
  3. No Raiding a nation belonging to an Alliance of 10 or more member nations.
  4. No raiding a nation that is protected by another alliance, or has protected in any way shape or form in there nation bio.
  5. Please see the Office of War to post that you are going to raid and who it is. Please follow the directions in the pinned raid thread there.
  6. Although you must tell us you are going to conduct a raid, the Government and/or Military of Ether cannot and will not support or back the raid. In other words, raid at your own risk.
  7. If you conduct a raid, a firemission for the raid MUST be made.

Approved Law by the President of Ether

Approved Law by the Minister of War

November 23rd, 2008