National Flag
Work Hard, Party Harder.
Capital City New New York
Official Language(s) English
Established 02/13/2007
Government Type Republic Republic
Ruler Scruffy
Alliance The Legion
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Purple team Purple
Statistics as of 08/13/07
Total population 32,782
 19,733 civilians
 13,049 soldiers
Literacy Rate 86.77%
Religion None None
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 2,389.99
Technology 197.40
Nation Strength 17,008.536
Nation Rank 3,920 of 5,242 (74.78%)
Total Area 1,485.742 Earth icon
Native Resources Lead Rubber
Connected Resources Aluminum Coal Gold Iron Lead Marble Oil Rubber Uranium Water
Bonus Resources Steel Automobile Beer Construction Microchips Radiation Asphalt

Eternium, named for the home world of Nibler, was founded February 13, 2007. Our most important ideal is that you may do as you please, as long as it does not interfere in the liberty of others.

Once every 4 years the national holiday "Anything Goes" occurs on February 29. Locals best describe the day as "Extreme Mardi Gras". What you do on Anything Goes Day, stays on Anything Goes Day.

Mostly peaceful, and not wanting of War, Eternium will attack enemies of the Legion

Federal Law mandates that men cannot give beads to women, that they are not related to, without a showing of B00bs.

Proud member of the Legion.

Proud member of the Stonecutters.

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