Erie Coast

National Flag
"With Freedom and Liberty come Power and Success"
National Anthem
No official anthem as of 4/10.
Capital City Monroe
Official Language(s) English
Established 04/10/2009
Government Type Republic Republic
Ruler Deamon420
Nation Team Red team Red
Statistics as of 4/10/2009
Total population 169
 129 civilians
 40 (48) soldiers
Religion None None
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 11.00
Technology 3.50
Nation Strength 81.300
Nation Rank 27,719 of 5,242 (528.79%)
Total Area 24.321 mile diameter. Earth icon
Native Resources Coal Gold

The Erie Coast is new nation formed after the April Uprising in the Southeastern portion of Michigan. The leader of the uprising, now known as Lead Councilman Deamon Cohln hold executive power at this time. The basis of Erie Coast economy are Coal and Gold, but a strong Marijuana economy thrives here with little regulation.


In early 2009, an uprising started in the lower area of Michigan around the Monroe Area. This uprising spread through the area, eventually bringing the coastal area of Southeastern Michigan to Anarchy. The leader of the this uprising, called Deamon Cohln by his supporters with his birth name unknown, suggested the rural area form its own republic. On April 10, 2009, the Republic of the Erie Coast signed it's Intent of Secession from the Union, thus breaking away from its home country.


The government of the Erie Coast is a Democratic Republic with massive personal freedoms. Every 4 years the entire government is put up for election. It's unicameral house currently has only a 10 person council with the Lead Councilman Deamon Cohln as it's chairman. Currently, all branches of the government are controlled by the Council.

A judicial branch exists with 4 judges presiding over any dispute brought in by its members.

Marijuana EconomyEdit

Lead Councilman Deamon Cohln originally thought of the idea of the Republic of the Erie Coast while on a particularly intense trip on Marijuana. Currently, 80% of the nation cultivates the plant for their own use and a tourism industry of pot-enthusiasts are taking trips to the small coastal nation as there is no laws on the drug.

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