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Eridani Empire
Official Flag of Eridani Empire

National Flag
Established 12/9/2007
(6,064 days old)
Ruler Learz
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
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Nation Team Team: Purple Purple

Learz is currently serving another term as the Minister of Internal Affairs, dealing with recruitment, members, training, and preserving the history of Invicta. Also, it seems that he is the Captain of the Cricket Team, while maintaining his position as the Marquess of Wetwang. Don't laugh, it's a real place.

You're laughing, aren't you?


The Eridani Empire is the home of Learz. Learz lead the great empire to join Invicta on Oct. 13, 2008, though the nation has been in existence since October 2007.

The Empire has gone through a lot under the able leadership of Learz. The nation had to be recreated after Purplegate. Learz took his people across the Cyberverse looking for a home landing in alliances like MCXA, NONE, LoFN, TFD, and Vox Populi. Finding none of these lesser alliances enthralling, Learz began looking for a quiet place to rebuild the nation and found Invicta.

Even with a complicated and bloody history, Learz and his empire have made a success in living as an Invictan nation, being asked to fulfill some of the highest positions in government.

Service to Invicta[]

Learz has proudly served Invicta in a variety of ways holding Minister positions in Internal Affairs, Citizenship, and Finance, and periodically serving as a Fireteam leader as well. In addition, he served as Vice President for several months.

While Internal affairs will always have a special place in Learz's heart, he enjoys the addicting world of finance, getting his start as a primary coordinator at the Tech Deal Forums and transferring over 200,000 worth of tech between nearly 100 alliances.

He also served Invicta in the Karma War and TPF War.

Future Outlook[]

Learz is always looking for excitement and endeavors to one day lead an alliance, get the WRC, and, of course, fight alongside his allies.

Ribbons & Medals[]

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