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Epiphanus joined Cyber Nations in December 2006. He first joined GATO where he quickly rose to the rank of Deputy AC for foreign affairs. He then won the MoFA race against Friedrich Meinhoff III. Following GW 3 Epiphanus left GATO to form Sanctum. During the life of Sanctum Epiphanus held the titles of MoFA and High Council. Sanctum then merged with The Republic to form Atlantis. When in Atlantis, Epiphanus was one of the two High Councilman.

Epiphanus was one of the founding members of Hyperion. He held the position of High Sovereign, and Captain Planet. He then semi-retired in Greenland Republic. Filling the roll of Shadow Gov. Epiphanus eventually left for the New Pacific Order however he returned to the Greenland Republic after about a month. He then founded the alliance of Kronos where he was one of the Harbingers of Light (foreign affairs).

Epiphanus was the Lord High Envoy for the Mushroom Kingdom at some point. He joined MK at the end of the Bipolar War.

He has since quit this game because it's actually awful and you should feel bad reading this page.

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