Official Flag of the Entite

WAtR Project
"We Are the Romans" Project Logo

Project Motto

"We'll man the ramparts,
With arrows ready,
With our flags up,
We Are the Romans"

General Information
Team Color Maroon
Founded August 29, 2007 (Project Birth)
Founder Zblewski of Kaszuby

The Entite (Ete) is a cancelled alliance project, which was planning on branching off as a friendly sister alliance of the Random Insanity Alliance. The project was started by Zblewski of the RIA, who had been working with close CN friends. Many of the people who worked on the project had deleted their nations at that time, and were planning on returning to the game. The project was later scrapped and zblewski choose to stay within the RIA.

Planned officialsEdit

Project Head (Planned Emperor)

Planned Prince

  • Kaiser

Involved FiguresEdit

  • Sm33th
  • Evil Greg Guy of Realm of Greg
  • "Sdkay"
  • KingRanter


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