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Entente of the Sun

EotS Official Flag
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) St. Jimmy, DarthJared
Founded July 2006
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The Entente of the Sun is a Green Team defensive alliance. The alliance was founded in early July by the users St. Jimmy and DarthJared.


The Entente, an alliance dedicated to maintaining peace within itself and promoting the freedom of growing nations, was first formed by the two nations of Russia and Jaredopolis, as a way of defending themselves against the dangerous world that was forming in Cyber Nations. Soon, a few nations joined them. After a brief war of misunderstanding with The Federation, the alliance's growth was stunted. However, it is now thriving, and growing on a weekly basis.

The Federation ConflictEdit

In July of 2006, a minor war involving members of the Federation and one rogue member of Entente of the Sun, hollansmith, occured. Some members of The Federation felt the whole alliance was to blame, and declared war on Russia. After a brief skirmish, diplomatic relations ended the war, and the nation of hollansmith was destroyed.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Entente of the Sun is currently accepting and seeking all possible embassies.

Current MDPs and MADPs:

  • LSF
  • EC

Current NAPs:

  • TDO
  • LOSS


  • To defend all MDP alliances to the best of their abilities.
  • To encourage peace with all unaffiliated alliances at war.
  • To help others enjoy the game.


  • To protect each member regardless of strength.
  • To promote the growth of each nation and the alliance as a whole.
  • To defend weak nations from rogues.

Government SystemEdit

The Entente of the Sun is a democracy, consisting of a High Council and a Security Council, as well as a Diplomatic Council. There is a permanent member in each Council, 3 elected members in the High Council, and diplomats are appointed.

Current GovernmentEdit

Chancellor: St.Jimmy

Deputy Chancellor: Tyanogy Glitchblade, Dan820

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sayna Seth

Alliance General: Darth Jared

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