Enclave States
Enclave Flag

National Flag
Capital City Raven Rock
Official Language(s) English
Government Type Totalitarian State Totalitarian State
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar

The Enclave is a militaristic neoconservative organization, directly descended from the pre-War United States government and military industrial complex that claims to still have authority over the ravaged country. It is composed mostly of the descendants of government officials and military officers with ties to powerful corporations who retreated to a Poseidon Energy oil rig when the Great War started. They generally consider most people born outside the Enclave to be mutants fit only for eradication.

The Enclave takes pride in being one of the last bastions of pure strain humanity left, aside from the unopened Vaults. Because of the effects of radiation and the Forced Evolutionary Virus on the people of the Wasteland, members of the Enclave generally do not consider them to be human any more, even if they look no less human than they do. They, as well as other mutated creatures, like super mutants and ghouls, are considered to be sub-humans that are at best to be used as slaves, and at worst eradicated so that "true humanity" could take their place as the real nation of America. The Enclave's government and armed forces structures mirror that of the pre-War United States government and the U.S. Army. The government is headed by the President, and according to some speeches made on Enclave Radio there is still some form of Congress. The Enclave's scientists continue to do research on armor (e.g. the Advanced Power Armor) and weapons after the War and thus have even better equipment than the Brotherhood of Steel, who only have U.S. Military standard issue left over from when the Great War broke out. The Enclave also has access to one of the last supplies of fossil fuel in the world and the advanced Vertibird helicopters.

Enclave Armed Forces Edit

The EAF are a very small but powerful military force, the Enclave army was composed of hundreds of soldiers). Their limited numbers are offset by their unlimited access to advanced technologies - a private is usually outfitted with a suit of Advanced Power Armor and a high grade energy weapon (usually a Laser Rifle or plasma rifle). They also possess the ability to project power beyond any other factions in the wastes have, thanks to their VB-02 Vertibirds. Furthermore, their numbers are augmented by an assortment of military robots at their disposal, ranging from Mr. Handy service bots to the powerful Sentry Bots.

In terms of training, they are second to none, drawing from the best traditions of pre-war US Army and training their soldiers using its methods, resulting in a uniformly efficient and deadly fighting force.

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