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Emva (Finn. Jemevaa, Russ./Komi Емва, Engl. sometimes Yemva) is a small Uralican city roughly 120 kilometres north of Syktyvkar and about 35 kilometres southeast of Trakt. Situated centrally in the Komiland county of Uralica, it is the county seat, and was also the seat of the Tribal Board head office of the Livonian Tribe, although this was moved to Viipuri upon Uralica reaching cap size. It was founded as Knyazhpogost in 1941, and was renamed Emva in 1985 upon attaining town status - "Emva" is also the Komi name for the Vym' River, which runs through the town.

The primary industry of the town is manufacturing, however there are also a small sawmill, a plywood factory, and offices of three mining companies - Bolak Corp., Gornyak Uralika, and Magyar Independent - in the industrial sector.

It is also a burgeoning retail area. With the opening of the large Komiland Shopping Centre on the outskirts of town, many shoppers come from some distance to shop due to the large selection of stores available, including the largest Christian Sport outlet in northern Uralica.


Originally a predominantly Russian settlement, Emva is largely a mix of Finns, Komi, and Hungarians nowadays, with the indigenous Komi making up roughly two-fifths of the population. There are also a good number of Livonians in the area, mainly speaking the Livvi language (most Veps-speakers and Ludian speakers live in West Uralica).

The town itself has much of the "drab" architecture of the Soviet Era still intact in some residential and industrial areas, however this is juxtaposed with more modern, Robertian-era architecture in the town centre.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Tsementnik Emva


  • Dinamo Emva
  • FK Emva

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Emva
  • Lesnik Emva
  • Zheleznik Emva
  • Zavod Emva
  • Progress Emva
  • Torpedo Emva
  • CSFK Emva
  • CSKA Emva
  • Vym Emva
  • Emva Kickers
  • Transit Emva
  • Zheleznik Emva
  • Lokomotiv Emva
  • Jemevan Pallokerho
  • Komi Emva
  • Rapid Emva
  • Turan Emva


  • Yemvinsky RMS

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Emva


  • Emva Bandyklub

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Lokomotiv Emva

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Stantsiya Knyazhpogost
  • Achim
  • Udor
  • Novyy
  • Severny
  • Vostochnyy