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Jane Aurelia Louise Peacecraft
Jewel Staite
Born: Jane Aurelia Louise Peacecraft

December 5, 1982(Age: 27) Rio de Janeiro, Nova Imperium

Occupation: Empress of the Phoenix Empire

Emissary of the Holy Order of the Phoenix


Jane was born in Rio de Janeiro under the then Nova Imperium in a family of 3. At the age of 12 her father died in an incident with the Military. Having always been politically active the Peacecraft family enjoyed fame and admiration but also hate from the established order. During the revolution that brought the Peacecraft family into command she broke of all links with her family and became a priestess serving the Holy Order of the Phoenix in the then Lübeck and later Top Gear. After the war with Top Gear ended and the land became Imperial she was reunited and peacefully took over the throne. Immediately following her new power she has implemented several liberal policies.