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Empire Party of Disparu
Parti empire du Disparu
Founded18 February 2009
Dissolved25 January 2012
IdeologyConservative liberalism
Fiscal positionRight
Social positionCentre-left
LeaderRowan Atkin
HeadquartersJubilife, Disparu
Official colors      Red
Seats in the
- Commons
- Senate
- Executive Council

207 of 471
41 of 112
10 of 17
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png

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The Empire Party of Disparu (EPD, French: Parti empire du Disparu, PED) was a political party in Disparu. Its ideology was conservative liberalism. The party formed the Disparuean government from the 2010 elections to its dissolution. The EPD was founded by Cynthia Celeste on 18 February 2009, after the dissolution of the Disparu Committee. It was led by Rowan Atkin prior to its dissolution.

Demoralized by the assassination of their founder, and by how they were unable to stop Disparu's fall, the party's members voted to disband the party soon after the fall of Disparu. The party's members split, and joined either the Conservative Party or the Liberal Party.

Prior to the dissolution, the EPD held 207 seats in the Commons, 41 seats in the Senate, and 10 seats in the Executive Council.


The following was the party's selections for government positions prior to their disbandment. Positions marked in bold indicate people who held their respective designated positions.

  • Speaker of the Senate: Victor Bourgeau
  • Speaker of the Commons: Alexandre Lejeune