Emperor of the New Polar Order
Imperial Flag

since February 24, 2015
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderIvan Moldavi
FormationMay 24, 2006

The Emperor of the New Polar Order is the highest ranking member of the alliance. The Emperor cannot be expelled from the NpO. The position was originally created by Ivan Moldavi after the Second Polar War. The position was passed shortly thereafter to Tygaland, who a month later was forced to resign by the CoaLUEtion after the Great Patriotic War. Tygaland appointed Electron Sponge as his successor.

The reign of Electron Sponge was filled with very notable events such as NpO joining The Initiative and going on to defeat The League in Great War II and defeating Aegis in Great War III. Polaris also founded BLEU. The later part of his reign saw a notable decrease in NpO-NPO relations which culminated in the Moldavi Rebellion in early August 2007. As a result in late August Electron Sponge withdrew Polaris from The Initiative although the NpO-NPO MADP, The Ordinance of Order remained in-place for the time being until it was later cancelled by NPO. After over a year at the helm of Polaris, Electron appointed Assington as the next Emperor.

Assingtons reign was one of relative quiet for the Order with further decreasing relations with the NPO. Assington saw NpO join the One Vision bloc early in his tenure, after six months he turned the reigns back over to Electron Sponge for a tumultuous month in the summer of 2008 before RandomInterrupt removed him from power. During Electron Sponge's short second reign the NPO-NpO relationship hit an all time low with the Pacifica–Polaris Dispute occuring which eventually led to Polaris being ejected from One Vision and Pacifica cancelling their MADP with Polaris.

After Random removed Sponge from power he passed leadership to Tygaland who then passed it to AlmightyGrub for what would be a rocky and controversial reign. Grub started off with the Second Patriotic War (War of the Coalition) where NpO's former allies in One Vision and The Initiative were part of the Coalition and defeated NpO and her allies known as Gambit.

Arctic Penguin, and RandomInterrupt and Dajobo.

Emperors of the New Polar OrderEdit

Emperor Assumed office Abdicated Tenure Notes
Ivan Moldavi May 24, 2006 June 10, 2006 17 Days
Tygaland June 10, 2006 July 27, 2006 47 Days
Electron Sponge July 27, 2006 October 28, 2007 458 Days
Assington October 28, 2007 June 2, 2008 218 Days
Electron Sponge June 2, 2008 July 4, 2008 32 Days
RandomInterrupt July 4, 2008 July 4, 2008 <1 Day Acting
Tygaland July 4, 2008 July 4, 2008 <1 Day Acting
AlmightyGrub July 4, 2008 March 5, 2010 609 Days
Arctic Penguin March 5, 2010 October 20, 2010 229 Days
RandomInterrupt October 20, 2010 December 21, 2012 794 Days
Dajobo December 21, 2012 February 24, 2015 795 Days
EaTeMuP February 24, 2015 Incumbent 1,868 Days
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