Emperor of
the New Pacific Order
Imperial Flag 2
Imperial Flag
Lord of Darkness

since 1 August, 2016
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderIvan Moldavi
FormationJanuary 27, 2006

The Emperor of the New Pacific Order is the supreme holder of power in the New Pacific Order, the title representing the summit of the Pacifican hierarchy. The Emperor has a wide range of powers, including the ability to sign treaties and declare war on other alliances. The Emperor reigns for life unless he/she steps down beforehand.

When an Emperor steps down they receive the title Imperator Emeritus, and are still able to give advice and comment to the new Emperor while they are a member of the New Pacific Order. Any Imperator Emeritus who leaves the New Pacific Order will still retain their title, but is no longer considered a part of the government in the Order.

Emperors of the New Pacific OrderEdit

Emperor Assumed office Abdicated Tenure Other titles
Ivan Moldavi 27 January 2006 30 September 2006 253 Days
Dilber 30 September 2006 29 January 2007 123 Days Dilber the Pantless Thunderbolt
TrotskysRevenge 29 January 2007 29 September 2009[1] 974 Days Divine Bovine Overlord of the New Pacific Order, Moo-cows with Guns
Cortath 29 September 2009 30 March 2011 546 Days Emperor Blackbird, Comrade Chuckles
Mary the Fantabulous 30 March 2011 4 February 2012 311 Days Dragon Emperor
Brehon 4 February 2012 23 April 2013 444 Days The Sword Emperor, Sword of the Order
Farrin 23 April 2013 20 May 2014 393 Days The Lone Star Emperor
Letum 20 May 2014 9 March 2016 660 Days Dungeon Master of Order
Frawley 9 March 2016 1 August 2016 145 Days Glorious Leader, The Thunder Down Under
Lord of Darkness 1 August 2016 Incumbent 1,302 Days Shadow of the Order, Prophet of Orion, Lord of the Duck Pond

[1] During the Moldavi Rebellion, Ivan Moldavi was briefly recognized as Emperor, but this is no longer held as a valid claim.

Length of service for each Emperor in relation to NPO's lifespan

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