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Established 8/14/2008
(4,024 days old)
Alliance MI6
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Nation Team Maroon team Maroon
Native Resources Cattle Water

Emmabuddie joined CN in August 2008.

Alliance history Edit

Before choosing to join an alliance Emma went without being a member of an alliance for a short period of time.

The United Front Edit

Emmabuddie ended up joining The United Front around August 2008 after receiving a recruitment message from Prather6 shortly after joining CN. After being in TUF for a few weeks Emma won an election for Imperial Councilor. As an Imperial Councilor she worked primarily on trade circles and tech deals. In the following elections Emma was elected to become the Minister of Commerce. As Minister of Commerce she continued organizing tech deals. When asked to recount on her time as Minister of Commerce she had this to say "I found tech deals very fasinating at the time and loved to see people organised into them."

Emma and TUF took part in the TOP-C&G War from February 4–7, 2010. TUF declared war on Mostly Harmless Alliance along with their allies in NADC. The next day Guru Order declared war on TUF and peace was reached between all three on February 7, 2010. Emma fought 2 MHA nations during TUF's short war.

A few elections later she wwas voted as Minister of Internal Affairs. As Minister of Internal Affairs she focused primarily on member recruitment and educating young TUF recruits. While she was MoIA she also served as the diplomat to the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) as well as the League of Small Superpowers (LoSS). It was during her time as diplomat that TUF relations with GATO developed substantially and an MDP was signed between TUF and GATO. The United Front ended up disbanding August 19, 2010, roughly two years after Emma joined. She was heartbroken.

Positions in TUF

  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Minister of Commerce
  • Diplomat
  • Member



Positions in FIRE

  • Member

Hooligans Edit

Positions in Hooligans

  • Grand Master

MI6 Edit

Positions in MI6

  • TBA

War history Edit

Emmabuddie has participated in 5 wars since joining CN in August 2008.

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