Emery Collective
Flag Seal of Emery Collective|Seal
Iungere Viridans
Capital Colorado Springs
Government Monarchy
 • Total

~1000 mile diameter
Population ~52,000
Currency Pound
Innate Resources Aluminum Fish
Connected Resources Cattle Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Construction Fastfood



After learning about the realm of Cyber Nations from the online community at Derelict Studios, King David signed up for Cyber Nations on 7/27/2006. Emery Collective became a member of the Viridian Entente shortly after its founding.

Service in the Viridian EntenteEdit

After several months in the Viridian Entente, King David began serving the Diplomatic Corps of the VE, which was under the leadership of Cornelius at the time. After serving in October and November 2006, King David was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs after Cornelius resigned from the post. King David resigned from his post voluntarily at the end of January 2007 because of real life obligations.

Great Wars II and IIIEdit

The Emery Collective has been involved in two wars, both serving as part of the Viridian Entente. In Great War II, the forces of Emery Collective fought nations from LUE, GATO, and LoSS, gaining significant amounts of land and technology. During Great War III, Emery Collective fought multiple opponents from LoSS with considerable success.

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