Emerald Economic Community
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
Bloc Type: Senate
Bloc formed: September 27, 2014
Bloc Status: Active
Member Alliances

Flag of Viridian Entente
Viridian Entente
Green Protection Agency
Knights of the Round Table

Former Member Alliances

Flag of the Green Old Party
Green Old Party Mortalwombat
Mortal Wombat

The Emerald Economic Community is a senate cooperation treaty signed by members of the green team. It was announced on September 27, 2014.

Treaty of the Emerald Economic CommunityEdit


We, the united alliances of the green sphere, hereby come together in order to forge an inclusive community that seeks to benefit all members of our sphere. We seek to establish a team that welcomes and respects alliances of all sizes and ages. We hope that this document will help us better pursue that vision.

Article I - SenatorsEdit

To safeguard the Green Senate and keep any alliance from achieving hegemony, the signatory alliances agree to have no more than two (2) Green Team Senators at any one time. Alliances agree to instruct the people they put forward as Senators to vote according to the articles of this Agreement.

Article II - ProposalsEdit

In the spirit of cooperation within the Green Team, all senate proposals are to be discussed amongst signatory alliances to try and reach the optimum outcome for all signatory alliances. Every member of this Agreement will be equally represented when it comes to making the decision on that optimum outcome. This discussion will be allotted a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours per proposal. In the case of a repeat proposal, the required discussion time may be waived by majority vote.

Article III - MembershipEdit

Any alliance which primarily resides on the Green Team is eligible to join as a member of this Agreement. To officially ratify a new member to the Agreement, a simple majority of current members is required. Any alliance may withdraw from the Agreement at any time, and should there be an impasse beyond reproach, a simple majority vote can remove an alliance from the Agreement.

Article IV - Neutral PartiesEdit

Any alliance that meets the above prerequisites may sign this Agreement as a neutral member. They forego the right to vote on motions to remove or approve a member from or to this Agreement apart from themselves. To ensure their neutrality, their senators may abstain via refraining from voting for proposals; this judgement is to be left to the discretion of the neutral member.


Signed for the Viridian Entente,

Goldie, Lord
Baltus, Duke

Supreme 142, Secretary of State
Cardsrock32, Secretary of the Interior
SWEEEEET RONNY D, Secretary of Defense
Lieutenant Yenroh, Secretary of Economics

Signed for Mortal Wombat,

Empress Kiley, Goddess of ChaosRealm
Howlin Mad, God of OutWorld
Hellhound, God of EarthRealm

Mortal Wombat disbanded in December 2015

Signed for the Green Old Party, as a neutral signatory

Samwise, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
doitfojesus, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
willij, Triumvir of Military Affairs

The Green Old Party merged into the Viridian Entente on June 3rd, 2015.

Signed for the Knights of the Round Table,

Knights of the Grail, Knight-King
The Overseer, Knight-Overseer
Skaha, Knight-Senator
TalCyrus, Knight-Ambassador
Floria Purpulious, Knight-Ambassador
Cutler, Knight-Ambassador

Signed for the Green Protection Agency, as a neutral signatory
benfinan, President
probablamenteno, Vice President
Arrnea, Minister of Defense
Lyrositor, Minister of Economics
Imperator, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Willems, Minister of Internal Affairs
Printer635, Minister of Membership Compliance

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