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The Union of Arctica currently maintains embassies in a number of foreign nations for the purpose of expediting diplomacy and providing a means for citizens to handle travel and commerce related issues. This article serves as a list of these embassies and the ambassadors who are assigned to them.

This is the most current list and should be referred to before other lists. Names in red denote nations with which the Union is not sure if it still has diplomatic relations or if the government has changed recently. Some entries may be ommitted; if this has created errors, they can be rectified through private channels.

Diplomatic Representation to Arctica Edit

Republic of Transvaal: Ricardo van Deinsen

Queendom of Australia: Philip Wendel

Federation of Disparu: Adam Kinsey

Kingdom of Cochin: Rear Adm. (Retd.) Surya Narayana Varma

Diplomatic Representation from Arctica Edit

Queendom of Australia: Marko Lalić

Republic of Transvaal: Anton Dietz

Federation of Disparu: Jean-Marie Daladier

Kingdom of Cochin: William Carter

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