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Age of the Divine BovineAge of the Blackbird

"Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!"
Capital City New London
Established 3/24/2009
(5,598 days old)
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 07/27/2010 (5,108 days)
Nation Team Team: Red Red


Ellis joined Cybernations on March 24, 2009. He spent several months as an unaligned nation, braving the world of Planet Bob by himself before deciding to join the New Pacific Order. He believed that the New Pacific Order, as a top alliance, would have a lot to teach him about the Cyberverse. He also enjoyed the recruiting message that led him to the Order. While in the Order he participated in the war against Jarheads, FAN, and the Armageddon War.

Duties and History Within the New Pacific Order[]

Ellis held many positions within the New Pacific Order, including Recruiter, Watchdog, Academy Instructor, A mentor of Alpha Battalion and a tech procurer. His duties within those jobs were many and varied, from questioning applicants and grading exams in the Academy, to watching over the nations of Order members who have to be away for RL issues. As a recruiter he spread the word of the benefits of joining the NPO to prospective applicants, attempting to entice them to join the Order. As a mentor he assisted and advised the newest members of the Order, those within Alpha Battalion. Those members tend to be not only new to the Order, but also new to Cybernations, making Ellis's contributions in that area especially important.

One of his most memorable moments within the Order was during the War of Armageddon, when, in his own words,

My most memorable moment would have to be the night before Armageddon, when it seemed that we were going it alone, Mary gave a speech in the private channel, I just felt... patriotic.

Jobs within the New Pacific Order[]