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Elite Red Guard Soldiers

Elite Red Guard[]

The Elite Red Guard are Communist Empires most elite soldiers, they are tasked with the protection of Aaron J his family and several other VIPS, they are also tasked with the protection of the Kremlin and Aaron J's private mansion at Lake Ladoga near St Petersburg. There is also plans for a new unit of the Elite Red Guard tasked for infiltration and assaults to be created.


The Elite Red Guard has exactly one thousand members, half are stationed in the Kremlin with the other half stationed at Aaron J's private mansion at Lake Ladoga near St Petersburg. There are plans to recuit another five hundred members for the Elite Red Guard and to recruit two hundred members for the new infiltration and assault force that will be created.


The Elite Red Guard wear advanced amour protection and use the advanced AK-103 rifle, the 9M133 Kornet and RPG-29 Vampir anti tank rocket launcher, the Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, the KSVK and SV-98 sniper rifles, the Saiga-12 shotgun and the GSh-18 and Yarygin PYa pistols along with many types of grenades and mines. They will also be equipped with the XTZ 208 machine gun/railgun and the RPG 34 long range guided missile launcher when they are ready.


The Elite Red Guard get the best training of any elite unit in the world, their training last for four years and they learn many military skills such as hand to hand combat, shooting, swimming, driving, flying and sniping and many more military skills.