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Elite Ally Initiative Treaty

Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
Aqua Defense Initiative
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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 10/10/2009
Treaty Status: Upgraded

The Elite Ally Initiative Treaty was a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty between the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics and the Aqua Defense Initiative. It was announced on 10 October 2009. It was succeeded by the FEAR the Aqua Defense Pact.

Text of the Treaty[]

Article 1: Sovereignty[]

With the signing of this treaty, it is to be known that both signatories shall remain sovereign alliances and in no way will impede the governing of the other alliance.

Article 2: Nonaggression[]

No member nation of either alliance will declare war on any member nation of the other, provide aid, be it military, money, technology, or knowledge, to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other. Actions such as those described here shall be considered a breach of this treaty

Article 3: Friendship[]

The signatory alliances and their members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would show one of their own members. Healthy debate and discussion as well as constructive criticism are not restricted, but alliance members are expected to show tact and consideration by going through the proper channels when addressing a concern. From time to time both alliances are encouraged to inform the other about the best places to go to congregate with attractive friendship prospects.

Article 4: Aid[]

Should one signatory alliance become in need of monetary assistance, it should be expected that the other signatory alliance will be willing to contribute to help meet the demands of said alliance within reason. Requests should be made through proper channels so coordination can begin as soon as possible.

Article 5: Intelligence[]

Both signatories agree to share any knowledge that could prove beneficial to the other alliance. This should be done in a timely manner and through proper channels.

Article 6: Withdrawal[]

If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the express will of their respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatory within forty-eight hours. Should this treaty be revoked by either alliance, a 48 hour grace period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other, after which no such rules apply.


Signed for Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics,

  • Canik, Grand Chancellor
  • Turetel, Internal Chancellor
  • ClashCityRocker, External Chancellor
  • ~The Elite Assembly

Signed for Aqua Defense Initiative,

  • John Warbuck- Lord High Sentinel
  • Yuurei- Lord of Foreign Affairs
  • Magister Populi- Lord of Internal Affairs
  • JDorian- Lord of Finance
  • Kingly- Lord of Defense