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Logo of the El Zapatan
El Zapatan
Type Newspaper
Format Berliner
Distributer/publisher Zaptismo Party
Founded 2008
Printing facility Mobile; various
Circulation ~890,000

El Zapatan (English: The Zapatan) is the largest newspaper in the Community of Chiapas and the main newspaper distributed by the Zapatistas. It is the primary distribution channel for the Zapatistas' declarations and public announcements, and as acted as such since its establishment in 2008.

With a circulation of 890,000, it maintains a remarkably high and well coordinate publication with the lack of a centralized printing facility. Some printing presses have reportedly been located in mobile trailers and facilities, printing in small amounts, as to avoid authorities seizing and killing the paper.

The paper is administrated by the Zaptismo Indigenous Revolutionary Party and is used, in part, for political messages and agitation.