Kaiser Martens' Einherjar Infantry

Einherjar is the name given to the elite infantry troops of the nation Deutschland, which protect the leader Kaiser Martens personally. They have long been feared by their enemies, and they are sustained to enormous amount of training, as well as possibly hormonal or genetical improvements. They are equipped with the latest body armor, and swear allegiance to Martens alone, not to Germany unlike all of the other soldiers and combatants of Deutschland and its Reichswehr (Army).

They have been with Martens since he first began, and have been know to endure in battles against terrible odds with minimum casualties. They are named after Odin's warriors, the Einherjar, which being chosen by the Valkyries to go to the Valhalla after a death fighting, have their phyisical and mental prowess increased to become the finest warriors of that Mythological setting.

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