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Eight Minute War
Date April 13, 2009 — April 15, 2009
Casus belli Espionage by UBD member mdnss69, and attempted coverups.
Result White peace after MK victory
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Karma War
Mushroom Kingdom
Federation of Buccaneers
United Blue Directorate

Mkflag Archon
Mkflag SirWilliam
Mkflag bros
FoB Unknown

Sma Zak Rochner
Sma Slybomber
Sma Romny

Mushroom Kingdom
(DoW + 45min)

Nations: 144
Nation Strength: 5,363,053
Average NS: 37,243
Nukes: 1,600
Score: 19.49
229,089 Land
921,797 Infrastructure
256,767 Tech
4,072,003 Soldiers
122,437 Tanks
8,032 Aircraft
975 Cruise Missiles
1,208 Navy Ships

MK + FoB
(Day 2 @ Update)

Nations: 278
Nation Strength: 6,783,622
Average NS: 24,402
Nukes: 1,744
Score: 25.71
United Blue Directorate
(DoW + 45min)
Nations: 112
Nation Strength: 1,166,748
Average NS: 10,417
Nukes: 107
Score: 5.14
61,995 Land
279,364 Infrastructure
39,431 Tech
952,207 Soldiers
37,993 Tanks
1,823 Aircraft
601 Cruise Missiles
240 Navy Ships

The MK-UBD War, or the Eight Minute War,[1] was a military conflict between Mushroom Kingdom and the United Blue Directorate, who was accused of spying on MK. Due to the small size of many of the UBD nations the Mushroom Kingdom later requested for the Federation of Buccaneers, one of their protectorates, to assist them in the war. Ironically, FoB was a merger of two alliances, one of whom was =WE=, with whom the United Blue Directorate had once shared an MDP with in the past. In their announcement the Mushroom Kingdom stated they would follow the example set forth by the New Sith Order in the NSO-CDC War and only engage the United Blue Directorate in a short, punitive engagement as well as a single term ZI for three members of the UBD (Slybomber, mdnss69, and Bahman) for their actions.

The name Eight Minute War was recommended by Arrnea, following a comment by lebubu that "[the war] was fun for a grand total of 8 minutes.' Mushroom Kingdom later made claims that one of its members, Joker (registered on the CyberNations Forums as Matthew George) claimed to have made the post suggesting that the war be called the 'Eight Minute War'. Joker disputes these claims. The war lasted a total of 3 days and ended in white peace


After three days of fighting, White Peace was concluded between the two sides. However, the nations of slybomber of Miken, nickh93 (Bahman) of Landofree, and mdnss69 of Ratheniska, as well as any UBD nation that went nuclear without provocation were sentenced to a single ZI by MK, after which they would be permitted to go free. After 3 days of fighting, mdnss69 sold all his infra, and used his remaining warchest to buy back all lost infra. Slybomber and Bahman followed suit. Also announced was a package of aid for each UBD nation that had their nukes spied away by MK without provocation. According to the UBD, this money was never paid.

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