Flag Seal
Iungere Viridans
Capital Egorsaw
Official Languages English, German
Government Totalitarian State
 • Total

2000 mile diameter
Population ~61,000
National Animal The Hedgehog
Literacy Rate 99.96%
Currency Mark
Innate Resources Silver Rubber
Connected Resources Aluminum Cattle Coal Fish Iron Lumber Marble Oil Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Steel Automobile Beer Construction Asphalt



After the Great War that left much of the world in shambles, several people from a common community decided they would venture out into the world establishing colonies in an attempt to bring peace, order, and stability. The Game Informer Online Coalition (GIOC), as it was known, was based primarily in Antarctica. However, some of these members were sent to other parts of the world so the Antarctic GIOC would not lose touch with the main continents. Egore was one of these scouts, and soon he founded the city-state of Egoria City. In little time, Egoria City grew out of its borders, and the nation of Egoria was born.

Rogue AttacksEdit

Soon after it was established, the nation of Egoria was attacked by rogue nations. Several ground attacks and cruise missile left Egoria City in ruins. Through the leadership of Egore and the aid and support of the GIOC, the rogues were fended off and anhilated. Ever since those initial attacks, Egoria has been free of rogue activity.

Problems and Dissolution of the GIOCEdit

Although it served many high positions within the GIOC, Egore became fed up with the direction in which the alliance was going. Officially resigning, Egore soon set up the Meritocratic Union of Nations (MUN), an alliance based on the ideal that the strongest should lead. However, Egore was not at this point prepared to run an alliance on his own, and so after a short membership burst of 10-15 members, MUN collapsed. Egore was soon forced to put his differences aside and seek membership once again in the GIOC.

Not long afterwards, the WarpStorm Alliance (WSA), a member of the Federation of Gaming Forums who were bound by Mutual Defense Pacts, declared war on The Legion. Jeebus of Jeebland, Consul of the GIOC, supported this nuclear rogue attack, and a vote was imminent to decide whether or not to help in the assault. When Egore noticed the alliance's decision was swaying in favor of attack, Peekopia, Egoria, and several others resigned from the GIOC. Jeebland apologized for his actions, but seeing as it was too late, resigned from the GIOC himself. The remaining members held on for a few days, but soon the GIOC was officially dissolved.

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