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Edward Dawson
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|160px|Edward Dawson]]

Prime Minister of Rhodesia
Assumed office
December 8, 2009
Preceded by First to hold Office

Edward Dawson was elected the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Rhodesia, in the inaugural elections just after the country gained independence.

Early life[]

Edward Dawson was born to parents Anglo-Transvaler parents Charles and Natalie Dawson in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia. He was raised in a modest home just outside the city limits. Being just short of the money for college, Dawson joined the Tranvaler Krygsmagte at the age of 18 as a volunteer in the Anti-Communist Rhodesian Campaign, the details of which can be found in the History of Transvaal (Volume I). After his campaign was ended, with slight distinction, Dawson would leave to attend university in the south, where he would double major in Political Science and History, having an emphasis in Transvaler History.

Return to Livingstone, The Rhodesian Nationals' Club, and the Movement for Independence[]

After his graduation, Dawson returned to Livingstone, where he would begin work as a politician in the city. Shortly after he heard news of the Rhodesian Nationals' Club, Dawson eagerly joined, making the trip to Victoria Falls for every meeting. He would rise to prominence within the organization quickly, and would be instrumental in the growth and expansion of the Club.

Indeed, Dawson was behind the first expansion of the Club, doing most of the work to establish the Club in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia and Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia. After the success of his expansion plan, Dawson was recognized as the right hand man of General Rhodes within the Rhodesian Nationals' Club.

Soon, the Independence Movement would be in full swing, with Dawson right at the forefront. He worked mostly through his office in Livingstone and the Rhodesian Nationals' Club to bring in more Rhodesian patriots. Just before Independence was granted, with the permission of General Rhodes, Dawson created the Rhodesian National Party out of members of the Rhodesian Nationals' Club. The Party would be separate, but of the Club.

Upon Independence, the National Party became the clear political powerhouse within the Republic of Rhodesia, receiving the credit for negotiating independence.

As Prime Minister[]

Dawson was the clear-cut front-runner in the first Prime Ministerial Election, his prominence in the Independence Movement fueling the largest political machine in Rhodesian history. He won a great majority in the election and was sworn in as the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Rhodesia on December 8, 2009.