the Educational War
Date: February 4, 2008 - 10 Feb 2008
Casus Belli: DD ignored white peace
Result: Ended

Total Nations: 367
Total NS: 3,419,028
Average NS: 9,316
Nukes: 202

Total Nations: 26
Total NS: 121,374
Average NS: 4,668
Nukes: 0

War Flag of FOK

Placeholder Flag
Dirty Dozen

Tech Raid Gone Wrong Edit

After proposing a white peace with the DD alliance after an unprovoked FOK attack, the DD alliance decided to reject white peace and defend their ally from the FOK nations. FOK responded by attacking DD. This attack was sanctioned as being 'Some little education', hence the 'Educational War'.

Casus belli Edit

A FOK nation tech raiding an unalligned nation was met with retaliation by Mommyann, a nation from the Dirty Dozen alliance after the attacking nation had refused to offer peace. Another FOK nation, eager to protect his friend, responded by counter-attacking Mommyann. Despite the fact that this was a rogue attack by a FOK nation upon an ally of the Dirty Dozen, no reparations were promised and Mommyann was even threatened should she retaliate. When Mommyann did choose to retaliate against her rogue, unsanctioned attacker, she was hit by 2 more FOK members.

In negotiations between FOK and Dirty Dozen, (represented by Morath), the two sides agreed to a white peace on a conditional basis, pending the approval of Mommyann upon her return from a RL absence.

Instead of accepting the peace offer of the FOK nation, Mommyann continued to retaliate against the unprovoked attack. Mommyann had felt that reparations should have been paid. FOK responded with additional counter-attacks.

Timeline of WarEdit

February 4, 2008:

  • FOK Declares WAR

February 5, 2008:

  • 4 more nations sign up with DD to fight FOK
  • DD replies on FOK DoW

February 6, 2008:

  • 4 more nations sign up with DD to fight FOK
  • War named and wiki page created

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