Natural Resources
  • UraniumUranium
  • WaterWater
Connected Resources
  • Aluminum Aluminum
  • Coal Coal
  • GoldGold
  • Iron Iron
  • LeadLead
  • LumberLumber
  • MarbleMarble
  • OilOil
  • RubberRubber
  • WheatWheat
Bonus Resources
  • Automobile Automobiles
  • Steel Steel
  • Beer Beer
  • Construction Construction
  • Microchips Microchips
  • Radiation Radiation Cleanup
  • Asphalt Asphalt
Deal Resources
  • Furs Furs
  • SugarSugar
  • FishFish
  • SpicesSpices
  • CattleCattle
  • PigsPigs

The economy of the Pacific Empire is advancing at a steady speed with no major sudden drops. The economy is mostly based on government companies and from the BLITZ International. Trades also take a large part of the economy giving $50 million per round.

Trades and DealsEdit

The Pacific Empire takes advantage of its natural resources which are uranium and water. The empire has already maximized its five trade slots with other nations acting as trade partners. With the strict trade pattern set-up by the Department of Trade and Work.

These trades maximize the amount of resources that could be harvested by the empire. It also decreases the amount of money the government spends on maintenance and upkeeps.

Exports and ImportsEdit

The empire exports manufactured goods and processed foods to other countries especially to its allies. Industrial equipments and robots are also among the top exported products of the empire. Cars made from the empire are also being advertised to other nations. The BLITZ Air has recently joined the Sunshine Air Team, which enabled it to expand to other nations of STOP. With the secure energy program of Emperor Frank Jaegar, the empire could helps its allies with energy-related issues by exporting surplus energy to them.

The Pacific Empire is also known for its security, weapons and defense industries and companies. Different nations have already purchased military products from the empire and has been more than satisfied with the quality of their purchases.

The Pacific Empire has also started to import and accept foreign corporations from fellow STOP nations to expand within the empire.

Government CompaniesEdit

Government assets vary from airlines, shipping lines, railway corporations, food&beverages companies, medicine companies, car manufacturers, travel agencies, banks, oil companies, electric companies, construction firms, mass media stations and many others.

BLITZ InternationalEdit

  • BLITZ Air
  • BLITZ Navigation
  • BLITZ Agency
  • BLITZ Academy
  • BLITZ University
  • BLITZ Weapons
  • BLITZ Tech
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