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Currencymonetæ (₽)
Fixed exchange rates$1 = ₽1500
Fiscal year1st Jan - 31st Dec
GDP per capita₽177,209.76
GDP by sectorLogging 27%
Commerce 20.2%
Mining 38.4%
Industry 14.4%
Inflation (CPI)37%
below poverty line
Labour force42,612,900
Main industriesBasalt
Export goodsUranium
Gross external debt₽500,000,000.00
Public finances
Public debt₽537,723,491.00
Budget deficit45%
Foreign reserves₽120,000,000
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

Economic HistoryEdit

The Economy of The Royal House of Aevrum is fluctuating based off whether the alliance is at war or at peace. RHA's economy has fluctuated since its creation. In the beginning the economy was extremely high and poverty decreased significantly.

During its war and subsequent peace with Ordo Mechanicus,the reparations increased the funds and economic output of Aevrum. The morale due to this war increased economic output even further.

During the Gh0s7busting War Aevrums losses were massively outweighed by the reparations of the war. These reparations went to rebuilding and re-arming the military. They also went to rebuilding the infrastructure.

Rebuilding however was interrupted by The Aevrum Campaign which the economy switched all functions to build up military functions. Do to multiple nuclear attacks and bombing runs, infrastructure was destroyed all over the RHA. Funds were directed to rebuilding infrastructure and military. This included projects to prevent further wars,increase nuclear capabilities,expand relations with other alliances, and increase military forces.

For a while the economic output of Aevrum stagnated and slightly decreased before increasing due to increasing infrastructure and increased trading with the international community.

However an economic depression occurred when the Maroon Rehabilitation War behan and then led to mass destruction of infrastructure and trade circles. Rebuilding has begun however inflation and debts have slowed the process.

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